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Academic Plan

The Academic Plan is an integral part of LCPCS’ continuous school improvement efforts. The Plan’s goals, objectives and strategies as well as related academic and behavioral measures have been approved by the Governing Board and are outlined below. To view a copy of the Academic Plan for more detail, please click HERE.

Goal 1: All students demonstrate academic competence in each grade level, achieved through a shared instructional vision implemented with fidelity.

Objective: All students make one year’s growth in Math and Language Arts, except for students who are two or more years behind, who will make at least two year’s worth of growth.


1a. Differentiate classroom instruction for all students.

1b. Implement curriculum, instruction, assessments and supports that are aligned to CCSS and articulated across grade levels and content areas.

1c. Implement teacher supports and accountability systems.

1d. Implement academic and behavioral RtI with fidelity.

Goal 2: Every student at LCPCS is known and valued.

Objective: Students, faculty, and staff will develop social and emotional literacy and self advocacy skills to support a positive learning environment.


2a. Provide a physically, emotionally and intellectually safe and stimulating school environment to ensure student success.

2b. Articulate and reinforce conflict resolution strategies and school-wide behavior policy; school stakeholders support positive behavior goals.

2c. Continue to refine a student support system based on Student Profile data that expands on criteria in LDS and dCSSS EWSSS to include social and emotional factors.

Goal 3: School leadership is strategic, visionary and student-focused.

Objective: School stakeholders demonstrate a commitment to the school mission and vision through participation in important activities and satisfaction with school leadership expressed through school climate data.


3a. Provide strong school governance systems.

3b. Stakeholder engagement

3c. All instructional and operational decisions are data-driven for intentionality to ensure limited resources are spent on the top strategic priorities.

The 2016-2017 Academic Plan