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Papahana Waipunalei

Papahana Waipunalei
Social and Emotional Learning Programs at LCPCS


Social and emotional skills are critical to being a good student, citizen and worker. Many risky behaviors can be prevented or reduced when multi-year, integrated efforts are used to develop these skills. LCPCS’s Papahana Waipunalei works to foster students’ social-emotional development to improve academic performance, as well as health, safety, lifelong learning, and citizenship. Through participation in social & emotional learning (SEL) programs, students are better equipped to tackle developmentally-relevant issues (like inter-personal skills, bullying, empathy, emotion management and others) in both their academic and personal lives.


Papahana Waipunalei encompasses multiple SEL programs. These currently include: a before-school physical activity program; campus-wide SEL safe spaces for all students; a peer mediation program; a student-led morning greeting program; and nationally recognized SEL curriculum. For more information about each of these programs, select a tab from the drop-down menu to the left.


Current programs target students, but future programs will include initiatives involving families, staff and community members.


Any questions about our current and future programs can be addressed to Papahana Waipunalei Administrator Denise AhChoy at denise.ahchoy@lcpcs.org or at (808) 962-2200.