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S.P.R.I.N.K.L.E.R.S. stands for Student Providers of Responsiveness Involving Kindness, Love, Empathy, and Respect through Stewardship. Responsiveness techniques emphasize social and emotional growth, and help create safe environments where children can thrive. Research has shown that these techniques have been associated with improved school climate and other academic benefits. This program is offered to interested second, third, fourth and fifth grade students. On any given day, two or three of these students man the front entry-way of the school and greet incoming students, staff, and visitors. The keiki use positive social & emotional skills, like smiling, waving, and saying hello.

How do I sign my student up?Little Greeters

Letters will be send to the parents of each second, third, fourth or fifth grader who expresses an interest in the program. If  you would like your student to be a part of S.P.R.I.N.K.L.E.R.S., then you don’t need to do anything! Your student is already on the list, and will be added to the schedule. If you do not want your student to participate in this program, please contact Denise AhChoy at denise.ahchoy@lcpcs.org or 962-2200 to opt out.

How many students are in the program?

Currently it’s open to up to thirty total students from second, third, fourth and fifth grades.

How often does my child get to be the front entry-way greeter?

Greeting will take place every school day. Since two to three students are allowed to greet on any given day, students who are in the program can expect to be a front-door greeter at least once every two weeks. Students may occasionally greet more often, to fill in for students who were scheduled to greet but are absent.


What time does my child need to be at school on their scheduled day? What are other requirements?

Students must be at the front entry-way for their greeting shift promptly at 7:20 am, and will greet until 7:35 am. The program REQUIRES that students eat breakfast, either at home or at school, prior to their greeting shifts. LCPCS’ breakfast is now being served from 7:00 am, so students should have time to enjoy school breakfast beforehand.

This sounds like fun! Can I help with the program?   

Yes you can! The program is designed to involve the whole community and family.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Denise AhChoy, as above. We hope that you will share in our enthusiasm for this program and that you will, in turn, see a positive impact on your children!