Tracy Jardine  Office Manager
Tracy worked in the LHES Finance and Student Services office for eight years, and has worked as Office Manager at LCPCS since 2012. She has been a resident of Laupahoehoe for more than 30 years, and was named the Hawaii Tribune Herald's "Mother of the Year" in 1999. 

Business Manager (Open Position)

Jill Doying — Administrative Support Specialist
Jill grew up in Canada, and first came to Hawaiʻi to attend BYU in Lāʻie, Oahu. There, she fell in love with Hawaiʻi, and took classes in Hawaiian arts, culture and history. Jill came to LCPCS in January of 2017 after a diverse career on the mainland, with skills in banking, grant proposal writing, and crisis intervention. She loves this coast because it feels like old Hawaiʻi; "It feels like itʻs supposed to feel," she says.

Paula Dickey  Student Records Coordinator
Paula has more than 25 years of experience in education, including teaching, coaching, counseling, coordinating, and directing the Hilo Intermediate School's Summer Enrichment Program. Paula has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Education, double majoring in School and Community Health. As a 20+ year resident of Laupahoehoe, parent and faculty member, Paula brings a well-rounded perspective to her position. She is motivated to see the school and every child at LCPCS succeed.  

Keli'i Noda — Technology Coordinator (IT)

Gabriel Navalta — Website and Social Media Coordinator

Loida Navalta — Office Assistant
Loida has been working at LCPCS since 2010. She and her father are both LHES alumni. Loida's extended family has been in the community for generations, so Laupahoehoe is truly a home for her. She believes there is no job more important than being a good parent and is actively involved in her son's education.  

Rochelle Evangelista — Health Aide/Office Assistant
Rochelle was born and raised in Laupāhoehoe, and graduated from LHES in 1993. Both her sons have attended the school since kindergarten, and are set to graduate in 2018. Rochelle says her "hobby" (!) is volunteering at the many sporting events and other functions at LCPCS. 

Jennifer Mydock  Family Engagement and Student Activities

Denise AhChoy — Elementary SEL Coordinator
Denise comes from a large family, many of whom have ties to the school in Laupāhoehoe. She herself graduated from LHES in 1997, and her son currently attends the school. She worked at LHES before the conversion, and then spent roughly four years teaching pre-school before returning to LCPCS in 2012. When not at school, she says, she loves to read and take her son to the beach.

Jenny Bach — Farm to School Program Coordinator
Born and raised in Hawaiʻi, Jenny graduated from the first charter school in the state. She credits West Hawaiʻi Explorations Academy, with its hands-on, project-based curriculum for opening up new worlds to her. In college, she worked on an organic farm in Puna, and found her passion in the art of growing food. About 15 years ago she adopted her first bee hives, and soon after created Bee Love Hawaiʻi and the Honeybee Education Program. With grant funding from various sources, Jenny put together an educational program, and traveled from school to school. In this process, she found LCPCS. Jenny now manages the Farm to School program, and teaches in both the school garden and the school kitchen.  

Donna Mitts  Farm to School Assistant

Contract Intervention Specialists:
Jason King, Middle School
Erica Hooley, High School
Jordan Lopez, Secondary (Middle & High School)

Para Professional Tutors:
Margarita Roginskiy - Den Ed Pre-Kindergarten
Melvina Santos, Elementary
Nancy Campbell, Elementary
Jasmine Schmidt, Elementary
Joey Martin, High School
Melissa Chong, Elementary and High School
Talia-Marie Salboro, Elementary

Educational Assistants:
Ashley Plante - Gen Ed, Pre-Kindergarten
Juanita (Lovey) Johansen - SPED Pre-Kindergarten
Jerbelyn Navalta - Kindergarten
Kalena Joaquin - First Grade
Chauvin Barrientos - Third Grade
Jennifer Mydock - Fifth Grade
Jesse Navalta - Elementary 
Donabel Dias - Elementary
Jasmine Schmidt - Elementary
Tiffany Parel - Secondary
Jay Yaw - Secondary

Drusi Callen — Elementary Educational Assistant, ELL

Anthony Nunez — Food Service Manager

Josefina Navalta — School Cook

Lyndele Cardoza — Cafeteria Helper/Custodian

Rona Wilbur — Custodian
Rona Wilbur moved to Laupāhoehoe in the second grade, and graduated from LHES in 1992. She worked as a pharmacy technician in Honoka`a and Waimea for many years, but the commute was difficult, so she began transitioning into a custodial position at the school in October of 2011. She says she loves her work, and pau hana she continues it, helping several elderly neighbors maintain their yards.

Winnie Vindinla — Custodian

Classroom Cleaners: Melvina Santos, Lei Santos & Reese Baun

Doris Komomua —
 Bus Driver

Randall Jardine — Bus Driver