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Aloha Seasider Ohana,

I would like to thank all of you for your patience last week with our sudden transition to a closed campus and early start to distance learning. Upon hearing news from a staff member that there had been an exposure to a COVID positive acquaintance, we decided to take the most cautious route, by closing campus to students. We did yet another thorough sanitizing of the facility, and began “full distance” while we awaited test results for the staff member of concern. Thankfully, by the end of the week, the staff member in question received their test result and was confirmed as COVID negative. I am very grateful to the staff member for notifying school immediately when they were made aware of the exposure and taking prompt action in getting their entire family tested.  

I am also thankful for the work the previous week by our teachers and educational assistance to prepare our students for the distance learning to come. Valuable assessments were conducted, printed materials were provided, and students were able to engage in step by step practice in accessing our distance learning platforms. Those few brief days have already resulted in much more participation and productivity. We are very optimistic about the impacts our distance platform will now have during quarter 1. I also want to recognize the efforts of our students and families to make the most out of distance learning. As we all know, occasional reliance on distance learning is likely a reality of education for this school year, and your efforts to embrace the program is greatly appreciated. It was wonderful to see so many of you make it to campus for device pick up.  If you are a family still in need of a device for your student, please reach out to our office to arrange pickup. Some families have needed a little extra support in using those devices to connect to their home internet. If you are still struggling to connect your school device, have a look at the attached document for more instructions, and if troubles persist contact the office. Please remember to look for emails for elementary and secondary teachers with additional information regarding distance learning from your student.

The week of August 31, campus will reopen for staff. This will allow us to begin pickup breakfast and lunch service. More information will be forthcoming. Also as a result of staff returning, our new connectivity hubs will become available later in the week for those families that lack reliable internet at home. This will start with a socially distanced outdoor space in front of the elementary building with access to school wifi. Once the service begins, we will be asking those campus families unable to connect at home to bring their school devices with them to campus in order to connect and access all distance learning platforms. Moving forward, we will be providing supervised connected spaces where students can access staff support in utilizing the online platforms. In the coming weeks we will also be exploring providing wifi hotspots to many families in the hope of having more students connect from home. Lastly, please be advised that the staff return to campus will coincide with a handful of special education students being on campus in order to receive those services.

Thank you again for your efforts and please continue to reach out with concerns.  And, of course, stay safe.

Kurt Rix

To contact LCPCS, email info@lcpcs.org

Please follow emails or LCPCS website at www.lcpcs.org for further developments. Stay safe Seasiders!

FAQ - Transition To Distance Learning
This video will answer FAQs that middle and high school students and parents may have about LCPCS’ transition to distance learning.

LCPCS Grab-And-Go Meals

On August 31, 2020, Laupahoehoe Community Public Charter School will be implementing the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the School Breakfast Program (SBP) as approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Hawaii Child Nutrition Programs, to provide free, pre-packaged Breakfast and Lunch grab-and-go meals for students during the Laupahoehoe Community Public Charter School Virtual Learning program.

These meals are available to all students currently enrolled at LCPCS for the 2020-2021 school year.

Parents or Caregivers must be accompanied by the students receiving the meals, per USDA guidelines. If students are not with parent, parent must have school issued documentation (School Summary Report) or School ID to prove students are currently enrolled.

There will be no personal interaction between LCPCS employees and the community. All meals will be placed in containers. Meals will be distributed at the front of the school, outside the main lobby and handed to the driver or passengers in vehicle. Please use the turnaround to drive up and receive meal. Do not exit your vehicle.

For special diet accommodations, send an email to rochelle.evangelista@lcpcs.org.

Service Hours

11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
For food safety, meals must be consumed by 2 p.m.
Excluding Holidays

Updates will be posted via OneCall, email, text, and website www.lcpcs.org


This memo is to familiarize you with the entering campus procedure when we start welcoming back our students on August 17, 2020 (Blue Team), August 18, 2020, (Gold Team): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WuqjcGxJHrhtNeR2z-DwKoJeSXRMk2Tr-khQ4FUEnXU/edit?usp=sharing

Aloha Seasider Parents,
August 14, 2020

Thank you all once more for your patience and understanding during these extraordinary times.  I very much appreciate the questions, concerns, and suggestions I have received from you in the past few weeks.  This has been a journey into the unknown for all schools, and I have been fortunate to have your thoughtful input.

After much debate at the State level, and considering our options as a charter, we have decided that the following plan for a limited on-campus Distance Readiness program followed by Full Distance Learning utilizing our classroom platforms will be our approach for the first quarter.

What this will look like:
1. All students will be divided into Blue and Gold groups as previously determined. 
2. Between Monday August 17th and Thursday August 27th, all students will participate in four days of on-campus Distance Readiness training 
3. Beginning August 28th and continuing for the remainder of the first quarter, all students in both the Blue and Gold groups will participate in Distance Learning from home.
-Full Distance Learning will correspond with school device delivery and the beginning of learning hub availability.

Distance Readiness
-On-campus training by teachers into that class’s online and/or printed resources  
Full Distance Learning
-100% delivery of instruction via online and/or printed resources 
-Essential data collection including class pre-assessments, MAPs, and subject specific assessments
Socially Distanced Lunch and Breakfast
-PreK, kinder, and elementary will have breakfast and lunch delivered to the classroom area with expanded social distancing requirements enforced
-Middle school students will have breakfast in the socially distanced cafeteria and lunches in the classroom area with expanded social distancing requirements
-Secondary students will have breakfast and lunch in the socially distanced cafeteria  
Campus Device
-Chromebooks or other devices that will be provided to families without connectivity issues, who have completed necessary Distance Readiness Training, and who have a need of such device
Learning Hub
-Beginning August 28th, an on campus space will be made available for students unable to participate in our online platforms due to connectivity issues.  More details on this will be forthcoming
Special Education
-In order to comply with the requirements of individual academic plans, contingencies and exceptions to many of the Distance Learning procedures will be made for special education students to insure equitable access to education.

Additional specifics regarding procedures and COVID-19 protocols are included in the attached reopening plan

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.
I want to thank you once more for sticking by LCPCS during all of this uncertainty and tell you once more that our staff and myself personally have the greatest respect for each of you as we find your way through these most difficult of times. 


Kurt Rix
Link to the full schedule for August 17 - 27, 2020: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mi_Z-vDp5Gqqh7_hQ2wpEmcH4H4XDNK8azwVQLZlcNk/edit?usp=sharing

Seasider Ohana,

As most of you surely know, things are changing, not for the better, in the State's battle with COVID-19.  Yesterday, the Governor announced significant measures to control the spread on Oahu island.  The inter-island travel quarantine has been reinstated as well as numerous measures regarding Oahu parks and beaches.   
As of yet, there have been no changes announced regarding opening schools, and Hawaii as a state is still considered to be in the yellow level, although I've heard we may be downgraded to orange soon. 

State Roadmap to Recovery and Resistance

As long as we remain at the yellow level, our current Blue/Gold, blend of on campus and distance learning will remain in place.  If downgraded to orange we will need to consider implementing a our distance only approach to start the year.  
I realize that all of this uncertainty is very difficult on our families and I sympathize.  Many of you have reached out to our office or me personally with questions and concerns.  Please continue to do so, and check your email as well as our social media outlets frequently.

Mahalo and please stay safe.
Working plan to reopening LCPCS in August (click into each thumbnail to view the document in its entirety):

Working Plan for School Re-OpeningWorking Plan for School Re-OpeningWorking Plan for School Re-Opening

Blended Learning Calendar and Schedule (Revised 8/5/2020):

Calendar Schedule


Valuable Link for Families to Access Important Resources During The COVID-19 Pandemic LINK

HIDOE COVID-19 Information & Updates LINK


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Coronavirus (COVID-19) LINK

World Health Organization (WHO) Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak LINK

Spectrum offers free internet so students can do classwork at home LINK


 Grab-and-Go flyer

Important information regarding the Grab-and-Go Meal Program available to families during extended Spring Break:

Grab-and-Go Important information regarding the Grab-and-Go Meal Program available to families during extended Spring Break.

10 Things Taking Care COVID19 2020-03-15-Spring-Break-Extension-All-Schools-LTP.