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Wa Piko

Wā Piko (Piko) is a culturally-based intervention that promotes mindfulness and social emotional learning at the start of our instructional day at LCPCS.  Students, faculty and staff gather as a community of learners to share one voice in song and an understanding of Hā in strengthening school culture and pride.

iko varies by program but the essence is a shared learning experience that includes song:

He Aloha Mai o Laupāhoehoe Oli Komo Hawai`i Pono`i E Ho Mai Hawai`i Aloha Alma Mater And other songs from past years

Middle and high school end their instructional week with Wā Panina, another time to gather and celebrate through song and announcements before leaving for the weekend or school break.

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School Oli 
School Oli (with English translation)
Alma Mater
Malana mai Kaʻū